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Chair’s opening remarks


Case Study: Stimulating the supplier market to drive innovation and increase top-line growth

  • Leveraging supplier knowledge and capabilities to gain competitive advantage
  • Building and using knowledge of the market to source leading-edge goods
  • Identifying suitable SMEs and leveraging their full potential
  • Creating flexibility to attract and quickly on-board new, innovative SMEs into the supply chain

Denis Ford, International Sourcing Leader, EMEA & APAC, Cummins UK


Presentation: Creating supply chain visibility to increase competitive advantage and mitigate risk 

Pressure to know what you are buying and who you are buying it from comes from both
consumers and stakeholders alike. From this session, you will learn the best practice
approach to mapping your supply chain. It will explore the challenges associated with and
the lessons learned in creating this visibility as part of a company drive to fulfil CSR and
generate further business value.


Presentation: Integrating technology to enable and enhance strategic sourcing

  • Understanding what sourcing processes should be digitalised 
  • How to exploit Big Data for deeper insights 
  • Driving efficiency and lowering spend with AI
  • Knowing the right blend of electronic sourcing and non-digital sourcing tools 


Panel: Managing global versus local supply chains – mitigating risk and reducing spend

  • Weighing up dual sourcing versus single sourcing 
  • Managing single source supplier dominance 
  • Mapping the geographical risk profiles of suppliers 

Alex Jennings, Chief Procurement Officer, DS Smith
Clive Rees, International Chief Procurement Officer, Fujitsu Limited


Chair’s closing remarks